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Sally Goldman


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Areas of Practice

Sally is a consultant solicitor at Miramar Legal.

Sally Goldman has over 20 years experience of litigation in the area of social and private housing, generally acting for tenants and home owners. She has particular expertise in:

  •  Homelessness.
  •  Nuisance cases.
  •  Repossessions of both mortgaged and rented property.
  •  Evictions.
  •  Housing benefits.
  •  Benefit fraud.

In her practice Sally primarily acts for defendants, but whilst not acting for lenders, housing associations or local authorities private landlords. Sally also has experience in training and public speaking in her areas of she does on occasion act for individual practice.

Sally has an excellent track record in defending evictions and will usually carry out her own advocacy in this area. She is a skilled negotiator and is often able to obtain results as a result of negotiation without needing to proceed to legal action particularly in the area of repossessions.

Sally is a warm and engaging individual able to quickly gain the trust and confidence of her clients. She is also a good problem solver and deeply pragmatic, respected by her opponents as well as her clients


Sally started her career in the Citizen’s Advice Bureau moving on to a specialist welfare rights organisation where she remained for almost 10 years. She qualified in 2001 after defending a number of evictions successfully on an ad hoc basis, primarily because she wanted to be able to do more for her clients.

Sally has practised in the area of Legal Aid since qualifying although is also happy to take instructions on a private basis where the individual does not qualify for Legal Aid or where the Legal Aid is no longer available such as in Benefits Law.